Smart Money Magazine is a brilliant round-up of factual and insightful comment and articles on a wide variety of financial topics from the team here at Jones & Co. You can read a copy of Smart money March/April 2024, but here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.

Welcome to our latest issue. As we approach the end of the current tax year on 5 April 2024, it’s an opportune moment to examine both your personal and business finances to ensure they are structured to optimise your tax efficiency. Despite the ongoing freeze on many tax rates and thresholds, numerous strategies remain for efficiently organising your financial matters. Read the full article on page 08.

Investment scams are a rising concern, promising potential investors the allure of making a significant amount of money swiftly and effortlessly. These scams often involve minimal to no risk investments in various areas such as financial markets, property, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals and coins. On page 12, we see how these schemes often masquerade as legitimate investments.

Once a concern only for the very affluent, Inheritance Tax (IHT) is now an issue for many ordinary families, who may find themselves handing over an unprecedented portion of their estates to the taxman. The Office for Budget Responsibility anticipates that IHT will bring in £7.2 billion in the fiscal year 2023/24. Read the article on page 06.

On page 05, we consider the ever-evolving landscape of investment and why it might appear daunting. Market conditions are like shifting sands, unpredictable and often beyond control. They can be impacted by many factors, such as political events, economic indicators, corporate earnings reports and even natural disasters.

A complete list of the articles featured in this issue appears on page 03.

We don’t just look at the numbers

Your goals are unique to you and important to us. We don’t just look at the numbers; we create a plan tailored to your unique needs and ambitions and focus on what’s important to you and your loved ones. We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Please contact us if you require more information or want to discuss your requirements.