Step One

Discovery Meeting.

This will be our very first meeting. We’ll take time to fully understand you and your individual circumstances. We’ll explain who we are and how we work to ensure we always make the appropriate recommendations.

It’s all about getting to know you, your lifestyle requirements, goals, objectives, and your fears and doubts because everyone has those.

We’d like to ask you questions about your feelings, motivations, and desires to improve upon your financial position. As a result, you’ll start to understand the value in independent advice that is tailored to your unique position.

Step Two

Interim Meeting.

This meeting is all about getting to know you in more detail and to explain and present our findings. It will ensure we have all the relevant information and understand your objectives before proceeding to a formal recommendation. It also allows us additional time to answer any of your questions. By the end of this meeting, you should have a very good understanding of how we work, and how our services may benefit you.

It is at this meeting that we’ll be able to confirm a specific cost of our service for you. You will be required to sign our client agreement to confirm you understand and are happy with our costs before we move to the final stage.

Step Three

Presentation & Implementation.

This is the point where we present you with a written suitability report with our final recommendation along with any supporting research and due diligence for your final approval.

We’ll explain the report to you in detail and give a detailed summary of how we arrived at these recommendations. We’ll also discuss the benefits and risks and confirm your understanding of our advice and services. You can then reflect on our formal proposal, if required, prior to completing any application forms necessary to implement the advice.

Let the journey begin.