Jones & Co + Ecologi

A really happy climate positive workforce.

We are currently planting around 1,000 trees each year which will help to achieve 72 tons of Co2 avoidance/offset. This makes us a really happy climate-positive workforce.

At Jones & Co, we care deeply about the environment. We are aiming to make sure that most, if not all, of our activities are at least carbon neutral; or even better, — carbon/climate positive.

We work with Ecologi to offset our carbon footprint and contribute towards various climate projects all over the world. In a bid to reduce the effect of our carbon footprint, we take part in reforestation and carbon avoidance projects from planting trees in Kenya to funding wind farms in Mexico.

A Positive Impact

Thank you for allowing us to make a positive impact.

You can find out more and watch the Jones & Co forest grow by clicking on the button below. We want to thank all our clients and team members for allowing us to make a positive impact.

See Our Impact on Ecologi

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