Step One

Initial Meeting.

Getting the right mortgage for you means knowing exactly what you’re looking to achieve, that means spending time with you to understand you, your income, your family and what your mortgage needs are.

In the very first meeting, our advisors will explain the mortgage application process, products and lenders. We use customer facing mortgage software to show the deals available and check how much you can borrow.

Step Two

Agreement in Principle.

Once we have a clear picture of exactly what you want, will use your information to expertly search the market to find you the right mortgage from the right lender.

We provide an Agreement in Principle (AIP) certificate following the initial meeting which will confirm the amount you are able to borrow. This will allow you to start making offers on properties and provide evidence to estate agents.

Step Three

Offer Accepted/The Application.

Once you’ve had an offer accepted and you’re happy with our recommendation, we’ll submit and process your application for you. We’ll make the process quick and painless by looking after the paperwork, liaising with your lender as they underwrite your application, and supplying them with any documentation that is needed.

Step Four

Your Offer Letter.

When we’ve obtained your mortgage offer, we’ll oversee your application to make sure it reaches completion smoothly and without any hiccups.

Step Five

Keeping you safe.

We will review protection for you, your home and your family, keeping you safe for the future.

Step Six

The Future.

Even when your mortgage has completed, we’ll stay in touch with you and conduct a regular review. For example, if you take a fixed-rate product, we’ll be in touch as that rate ends to ensure your arrangements remain appropriate.