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Confused about retirement savings? Here at Jones & Co we can help

Which article is right when it comes to retirement savings?

Not a week goes by here in the UK without a different news article appearing in the mainstream media discussing how much each of us needs to save for our retirement.

Just Google ‘saving for retirement’ and you’ll find over four million – yep, you read that right! – news stories on the subject. Some will say that we each need to save a certain monthly amount based on our income and age. Others will say we don’t need to save as much as we think as we usually end up spending less when we’re older. And then there are editorials offering a very specific figure of exactly how much we should have saved up by the time we retire.

“There’s no wonder that many people are confused about saving for retirement,” comments Shannan Pool-Gorman, compliance manager here at Jones & Co. “There are so many conflicting opinions and information on the subject it’s totally understandable that many of us simply choose to ignore the subject because it’s too complicated to grasp.”

Continues Shannan: “That really needn’t be the case though. Our professional independent financial advisers are successfully dealing with pensions and retirement planning on a daily basis for lots of our clients. Their indepth knowledge of the subject is second to none and they will always advocate bespoke advice and support for each individual person because we’re all different and we all have different goals and aspirations.”

Concludes Shannan: “So, if you’re one of those people who is completely baffled by what you should be doing to prepare and save for your retirement, pop in or give us a call and we’ll work with you to make sure that everything is crystal clear!”

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