If you’ve ever thought about embarking on a career in finance, it’s certainly going to be worth you following the journey of our latest recruit, trainee financial advisor Eliot Stanton.

Just over a week into the job, we caught up with Eliot to find out a bit more about what led him to consider becoming an independent financial advisor.

“While I was working on renovating a property I’d purchased last year, I began researching what it takes to be an IFA and the qualities and skills a person should possess to excel in the role.

“After doing lots of reading, I realised that my degree in Economics & Politics had given me a clear idea of the bigger financial picture and my Masters in Finance & Investment complemented that knowledge with a theoretical insight into investments, wealth management and creating successful portfolios for clients.

“All of this combined with my preference to work directly with people as opposed to sitting in an office all day by myself, led me to the conclusion that I would relish the opportunity to do some financial advisor training.

“You don’t necessarily need a degree to be suitable for the training, however I believe that the skills I have gained from my studies will prove invaluable to a career in financial advice.  Whilst my time at university also prepared me for a career in accountancy, my preference is a hands-on approach to managing clients’ portfolios/investments.

“So far, I’ve hit the ground running and have already had some hands-on experience with building client portfolios alongside the IFAs here. The team at Jones & Co is very friendly and approachable and I’m really looking forward to the next 18 months!”